Multiplier Event in Poland

On 19.12.2022 a Multiplier Event of the PRISM project took place. As representatives of the ARID Association from Kraków, Maciej Dymacz and Martyna Kurek visited the Farmers Association in Marszowice to present the project and its results. Farmers, educators and entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector listened to our presentation about the project’s topic, structure and development.  

Martyna Kurek presented all the results including the Beginner’s Guide, the e-Book, the Case Study videos, the curriculum for VET trainers and the e-learning platform.  

All participants were interested in the topic of Agriculture 4.0 and the possibilities of using innovative technologies. At the end of the event, participants enjoyed refreshments and were very happy to receive gifts in the form of gadgets.

I have seen first-hand that agricultural science has enormous potential to increase the yields of small farmers and lift them out of hunger and poverty

Bill Gates