Multiplier Event in North Macedonia

The Multiplier Event in North Macedonia took place on 04.11.2022 in hotel Kontinental Skopje and was organized by FACE. The event was attended by 25 participants, representing the targeted stakeholder groups. The event was scheduled starting from 10:00 o’clock until 14:00 o’clock. The first part of the event was dedicated to the introduction of the project, the project outputs, objectives and goals. After the presentation of the project, the organizers presented the project results, i.e. the VET curriculum (IO3) was presented and how this curriculum utilizes the Beginners Guide (IO1), the Collection of best practices (IO2) and the Open Education Resource/e-Learning platform (IO4) to carry out effective online trainings to farmers and relevant stakeholders during the project’s lifetime to learn about the value of Agriculture 4.0 in modern farming towards sustainability.mIn the second part of the event, the participants of the event, got acquainted with the tools mentioned above.

I have seen first-hand that agricultural science has enormous potential to increase the yields of small farmers and lift them out of hunger and poverty

Bill Gates